Our current prices per session are listed below. However, we regularly run special offers on our treatments on our Instagram page so please feel free to follow us to keep updated on our latest offers.

Stretch Mark Treatment

Single sessions

Our standalone treatment price for a single area. All of our packages come with aftercare creams. We recommend three sessions for the best results.

  • Ideal for single areas and minimal scarring

  • Ideal as an extra session to complement a three session package

  • Includes aftercare creams

Three sessions (recommended)

Get optimal results by booking our recommended three-course treatment. Each session is spaced 28 days apart

  • Provides a complete course, with long lasting results

  • Recommended for moderate to high stretch marks.

  • Includes aftercare creams

Two areasThree sessions

Revitalise your skin with our complete package. Two areas are treated over three sessions

  • Treat two different areas over 3 sessions

  • Recommended for moderate to high stretch marks.

  • Includes aftercare creams

  • £200 discount compared to 2 three- session treatments

Additional after care products cost £150

You will be supplied with a free aftercare kit for each full-price package that you purchase. It is VITAL that you use these every morning and every night). Please note that the additional charge is if you run out of products or if you purchase the treatment under a special offer and the aftercare kit is not part of that offer.

Please note that treatments are spaced 28 days apart.

Fat Dissolving Treatment

Single Areas

Standalone prices for various areas of the body

  • Chin – £100

  • Stomach – £250 (includes love handles, lower and upper abdomen) (£700 if you book for a course of 3 sessions)

  • Arms – £120

  • Inner thigh – £150

  • Outer thigh – £150

  • Back – £150

Multiple Areas

Get great results all-round by treating multiple areas of the body.

  • 20% discount off the combined cost

Please note that treatments are spaced 4-6 weeks apart.

CelluErase Treatment

Single Areas

  • Single treatment area

Multiple mesotherapy sessions

  • Further Mesotherapy sessions

Dermal Fillers


  • Lips: Starting from £80

  • Nasolabial Folds: 1ml £100

  • Cheeks: 1ml £100

  • Chin: 1ml £100