How many sessions do I need?

You often need 3 sessions. However, you can achieve great results between 1 and 2 sessions depending on the depth and thickness of the stretch marks.

Are the results permanent?

This treatment recovers your skin from the effect of stretch marks and strengthens it to prevent aesthetic dysfunction from occurring again and therefore, making the results permanent.

How much time should there be between sessions?

The treatment has to be performed every 28 days.

How quickly can I see results?

Results are visible after 1 session. After 1 session you can decide whether a second session is needed.

Do I always get results?

Thanks to this remarkable treatment you can achieve up to 80% reduction in 3 sessions. The final result is dependent on the aftercare, so it is important to consider possibly 3 sessions and not expect all your stretch marks to disappear with 1 session.

How long does the treatment take and is it painful?

This treatment takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes per area. The treatment is not considered painful by most but may be uncomfortable in certain areas.

On which body part can I have the treatment applied?

Stretch marks are line-shaped skin disorders that occur primarily on the abdomen, breasts, inner thighs, upper and lower arms, hips and buttocks. This treatment can be applied to all these places on the body. The stretch marks are the result of sagging and sometimes broken collagen tissue. With the treatment, these are activated and strengthened.

Can I sunbathe after this treatment?

The treated area should not be exposed to sun, steam room, sun bed until it has healed, this takes 4 to 6 weeks. After 6 weeks you can sunbathe with SPF 50.

How old do my stretch marks need to be to get this treatment done?

The treatment can be performed on any new and old stretch marks.